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  • SBDG portfolio company Appraisal 3000 is an appraisal management company based (AMC) in Southern California and operating throughout the state.  SBDG will be leading national expansion including pursuing acquisitions of additional appraisal related companies.


Accurate and timely appraisals for properties throughout California.


Appraisal companies and real estate related businesses for acquisition and partnering opportunities.

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For Fast and Efficient Appraisals in California: 

Phone: 949-529-8234
Appraisal 3000, Inc. is an Appraisal Management Company (AMC) based in Southern California and manages commercial and residential real estate appraisals throughout the state of California.  Formed in 2013, Appraisal 3000 manages more than 50 state-licensed appraisers to valuate properties and deliver real estate appraisal reports to mortgage lenders. Management has long standing relationships in the real estate industry and has been growing steadily since inception.  SBDG has plans to accelerate Appraisal 3000’s existing organic development with an infusion of resources including capital, marketing, technology, and human resources. Growth plans include increasing Appraisal 3000 market share in California, expanding into states where the Company is well-networked, and growth via acquisition.
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