SBDG seeks acquisitions with revenue and assets for its opportunity driven portfolio. SBDG builds and develops its portfolio companies with the goal to spinout successful holdings into their own IPO’s.


Strategic Manufacturers, Inc. (SMI)

Holding company with an active mandate to build and develop United States based manufacturing operations. It believes that critical sectors of America’s industrial manufacturing base need to be improved. SMI has embarked upon a mission to help increase the manufacturing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) in the US with their first manufactured product being nitrile examination gloves. SMI plans to build two large manufacturing plants in the Katy, Cypress area of Texas. When fully operational, these plants will produce 4.5 billion nitrile examination gloves annually, as well as 120,000 metric tons of the synthetic rubber, known as NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber), from which the gloves are made.


Appraisal 3000, Inc.

An Appraisal Management Company (AMC) based in Southern California and manages commercial and residential real estate appraisals throughout the state of California.  Formed in 2013, Appraisal 3000 manages more than 50 state-licensed appraisers to valuate properties and deliver real estate appraisal reports to mortgage lenders. Management has long standing relationships in the real estate industry and has been growing steadily since inception.  SBDG has plans to accelerate Appraisal 3000’s existing organic development with an infusion of resources including capital, marketing, technology, and human resources. Growth plans include increasing Appraisal 3000 market share in California, expanding into states where the Company is well-networked, and growth via acquisition.

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Stony Hill Advisors, LLC.

A 12-year-old merger and acquisition advisory firm that specializes in providing intermediary services for lower middle market companies and small business entrepreneurs. Stony Hill has assisted clients across a wide variety of industries throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, Connecticut and the New York metro region. Stony Hill offers various professional services including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, exit value planning, business valuations, and transaction consulting. Stony Hill partners with clients to provide confidential, qualitative, and quantitative guidance and deliver results. Stony Hill serves as SBDG’s in-house M&A Advisory firm, and SBDG plans to expand Stony Hill’s presence throughout the United States.



SBDG S.E.A. services Southeast Asia, a booming region with a population of over 675 million. SBDG S.E.A. has three primary functions; 1) M&A Advisory, to source M&A opportunities for both client transactions and SBDG portfolio acquisitions, 2) IPO Advisor, to facilitate the private to public process for Southeast Asian small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) wanting to establish operations in the United States with the goal of becoming a U.S. publicly traded company, and 3) Strategic Consultant, to be a conduit for business transactions between Southeast Asia and the U.S. for SBDG affiliates, portfolio companies, and clients. SBDG S.E.A. is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Targeted Industry Verticals

Our portfolio is opportunity driven. We seek revenue and assets acquisitions, bundling companies in specific verticals for future spin-offs as their own public companies.

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  1. Verticals targeted when management has, or has access to, expertise in the industry;

  2. For each vertical, we seek an “anchor” portfolio company with history and a strong revenue base;

  3. The anchor is complemented with smaller companies in the same space to increase sales channels, productivity, and network;

  4. Efficiencies are found throughout the merger & acquisition process;

  5. Each portfolio company is updated/rebranded and energized with new marketing strategies as an individual company as well as within the branding of a cohesive marketing effort for the industry vertical;

  6. For each vertical, we are looking for acquisitions in earlier stage, proof of concept companies that are technology driven and can bring the vertical venture capital type returns

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