Our portfolio is opportunity driven. We seek revenue and assets acquisitions, bundling companies in specific verticals for future spin-offs as their own public companies.

Targeted Industry Verticals

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  1. Verticals targeted when management has, or has access to, expertise in the industry;

  2. For each vertical, we seek an “anchor” portfolio company with history and a strong revenue base;

  3. The anchor is complemented with smaller companies in the same space to increase sales channels, productivity, and network;

  4. Efficiencies are found throughout the merger & acquisition process;

  5. Each portfolio company is updated/rebranded and energized with new marketing strategies as an individual company as well as within the branding of a cohesive marketing effort for the industry vertical;

  6. For each vertical, we are looking for acquisitions in earlier stage, proof of concept companies that are technology driven and can bring the vertical venture capital type returns

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