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Good Investment

Small Business Development Group, Inc. (SBDG) is a well-engineered Alternatively Reporting Current Information Pink Sheet company with BIG ideas. I am the CEO of the Company and have been since 2013. I am contrarian thinkers when it comes to the pink sheet market on OTC, and I believe good companies can be built as a Reporting Pink Sheet company.

SBDG is one of those companies that can prove to be a good investment for its stakeholders!

There’s a good reason why we’re suspicious of new ideas: Many are unrealistic. But over time managers get conditioned to discounting anything that isn’t familiar. They dismiss ideas that challenge their assumptions about how the world works, make judgments based on stereotyping, and create cultures that limit their choices.

The secret to avoiding these traps is to become a smart contrarian – someone who looks for business practices that don’t make sense, who’s not too reliant on a small group of like-minded people, who can embrace diversity, and who’s happier on the sidelines. Let’s look at what that involves.

(Source How to Be a Smart Contrarian by Chengwei Liu September 22, 2021, Harvard Business Review)

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