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Rolling Up and Recruiting of M&A Advisors

Stony Hill Advisors was the first step into our M&A advisory acquisition strategy which is very scalable. The expectation is to acquire additional firms in key markets. Discussions are underway with mid-Atlantic, Southeast, North Central, South Central, Northwestern, and Southwestern firms. The M&A advisory firms generate deal flow (first look) for the company’s portfolio acquisition Soft-LBO efforts. The M&A advisory also provides services to lower and middle market business owners (clients) seeking transition and growth. M&A is a 10 trillion-dollar market expanding over the next decade due to the last of the baby boomer’s generation exiting their businesses. We are employing the roll up of M&A advisory firms of which baby boomers own the majority. Offices in the following states.

· Connecticut

· California

· Pennsylvania

· New York

· New Jersey

· North Carolina

· Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

SBDG is engineered to be a holding company with an “evergreen” life cycle. The business plan was developed and predicated on an early-stage business due to SBDG’s inactivity until January of 2021. SBDG is focused on its strategy of M&A advisory business - the heart of SBDG’s overall strategy of growing our portfolio investments and our support services for in-house as well as outside clients. In the first 9 months of 2022, three private companies have been acquired. SBDG-SEA our first international operation based in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) for cross border transactions.


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