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Our goal is to develop and align portfolio companies into high performance industry verticals, create new publicly traded companies, and deliver additional value for our stakeholders.


We have weathered numerous challenges and have restructured. Using the same planning strategies we offer our clients and acquisitions, we are ready to emerge and share the plan, vision, and energy.

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The world is immersed in the ever-changing “new normal” landscape. We see significant, arbitrage opportunities between the extremes of closing and thriving businesses and have targeted this market to deliver our products and services to small to medium sized enterprises.

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There are successful and thriving enterprises emerging from the pandemic caused financial crisis. These represent significant acquisition opportunities that will present themselves at a pace faster than ever.


We are poised and positioned to consult, develop, build, acquire, and bring along as many businesses as we can along a team driven path to success. 


The cumulative experience of our executive management team and its expansive network give SBDG access to first-look transactions as well as resource advantages that benefit its stakeholders.


The business model and strategy referred to as “The Engineering of a Public CompanyTM” was primarily developed by our CEO Roy Y. Salisbury. It's based upon the assumption that retiring “baby boomer” business owners are seeking succession strategies, including selling their businesses while maximizing returns from the sale.

Within the process, a key element critical to successful implementation is the Soft Leveraged Buyout (SLBO). The SLBO, a strategy also conceived by SBDG CEO Roy Salisbury, facilitates buy/sell transactions by involving both the buyer and the seller in the transaction until the conclusion of the deal.

The third facet in a successful transaction for SBDG is the spin-off of holdings as their own publicly traded company, completing the private to public methodology. This is the exit strategy for all parties and includes a share dividend in the new public company to existing SBDG shareholders.


Along with the knowledge and experience to achieve a successful transaction, the right network is crucial.  The SBDG Network is includes the knowledge and experience for:


  • The mechanics of the transaction

  • Sourcing, diligence, and closing acquisitions

  • Legal and accounting for M&A, investment documents, securities filings

  • Managing the publicly traded company

  • Accessing institutional investment capital

  • Marketing the publicly traded company


 SBDG is well networked and continually expanding its reach, greatly increasing the likelihood of transactional success.

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